What is Therapeutic Jurisprudence?

When a person undergoes a trial there are many psychological issues that may arise that may affect the overall behavior of the person. Everyone that has something to do with the case will have significant psychological reaction to everyone and in the court, including the judge, juror and even the lawyers and witnesses. Those psychological effects can either be therapeutic which can make the person affected more adamant to normal life, or anti-therapeutic which can cause further isolation and or further aggravate the person worst behavior that put him in the court. That is why there many organization and well respected individual pushing Therapeutic Jurisprudence to be enacted in all the court to provide beneficial result to the people involve in the court. Therapeutic Jurisprudence aim to humanize the law and look at the emotional and psychological aspect of the law and the legal process involved in it.

Therapeutic Jurisprudence aim to teach judges, juror and lawyers on the affect of each of their action to the people involve in each of the proceedings they work in. But Therapeutic Jurisprudence don’t want to undermine the other legal matters and the proceedings of the law but it wants to emphasize that people in court are affected psychologically which can either aggravate their situation or heal their mental state of mind making  them more susceptible to changes for their progress.